How to Hang Your Mistletoe with Hook and Loop

New Year’s Eve is almost here and you’ve got to figure out how to hang mistletoe from the ceiling. If you’re having trouble finding a good way to get it to stay where it’s supposed to, here are some suggestions on how to hang yours up with some hook and loop so you can be sure to steal a kiss from your crush this New Years.

Mistletoe can be a cinch to hang for your holiday party.

Hang Your Mistletoe with Cut Pieces of Hook and Loop

If you’re trying to get your mistletoe to stay in place, using some pieces of adhesive backed hook and loop can definitely help. You can use a length of the loop to adhere to your bundle and then stick it to a length of the hook that you place right where you want the mistletoe to be.
You can also use a piece of standard, or sew-on, loop to bundle it by tying the loop around the bunch to secure it. Then you can use a piece of adhesive backed hook to stick it where you want it to go!

Using VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® to Hang Mistletoe

One-Wrap® is a product that has both hook and loop laminated back to back so you can wrap it around and fasten it to itself. It’s quite handy for bundling applications. Just like the process described above, you can use a length of One-Wrap® to bundle your mistletoe and adhere it to a portion of hook or loop that is attached to your wall or doorway. This is particularly handy because you can wrap the One-Wrap® around the mistletoe with the hook portion outward, so you can hang it from some garland or other decorations you already have streaming across your entryway, as long as there is something for the hook to stick to.

Hook and Loop Straps

When you have an awkward location to be hanging mistletoe from, or if you don’t want to apply adhesives to your walls, you can use a hook and loop cinch strap or VELCRO® Brand cinch strap to strap your mistletoe bundle to a railing or an AC vent. You don’t have to worry about peeling off pieces from your wall or worry about the bundle coming undone. It’s a very easy and effective way to add a festive touch to your New Year’s Eve party.


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