How Much Does Die Cutting Cost?

In addition to all of the customizations we offer, we also offer die cutting services. We use a clicker press to die cut hook and loop to specific shapes to be used for various applications.

Clicker Press

The clicker press allows for us to fit hook and loop underneath it and manually operate the hydraulic press which drops down onto the material and a custom made die to cut out the material to the required shape. Since this is a manual process, we charge per click.

Custom Dies

Dies are manufactured from aluminum and/or steel and sharpened to cut through the hook and loop. We have simple circle dies, and rectangles with rounded edges, and we have complicated dies deigned to cut out complex shapes like fish, stars, etc. Since we charge per click, some dies can be manufactured to cut out several pieces at once, referred to as “up dies” (for example, a 3-up die). These dies are often more expensive, but can save you tons on the labor of cutting them out. Depending on the size and shape of the pieces needed, some dies can have 5-10 pieces cut from a single press, whereas others can only be manufactured individually. Generally, a drawing or dimensions is all we need to get the die quoted and manufactured.


Die prices range based on precision, complexity and size, but most dies cost around $100.00 - $150.00. Larger dies or “up dies” that require special bracing or material can cost upwards of $500.00. The lead time for a die to be manufactured is about 1 week or 5 business days. We provide a quote for the die in advance, so you are not surprised by any pricing before you receive your order. As for the labor to die cut hook and loop, we charge $0.22 – 0.30 per click. Since this is done manually, lead times depend on the quantity ordered, but most orders ship within 1-5 business days once we have the die in house. So for a standard 1-up die, the cost is $0.22 per piece, plus the cost of the material, and the one-time die charge.

Inquire today about our die cutting services and see what we can do for you to make your life easier!