HookandLoop.com's Products

At HookandLoop.com, we obviously sell hook and loop fasteners, but that means we carry tons of different product options you may not be aware of. Here are some of our most popular products.
red hook and loop velcro

Sew On Colors

We stock 25 colors of hook and loop in our DuraGrip Brand. These are sew on fasteners, which just means there is no adhesive backing on these products. We also carry VELCRO® Brand Sew On fasteners in black and white.

Peel & Stick

These are the same kind of hook and loop fasteners, except these have an adhesive backing and release liner that can be peeled off and stuck to just about any surface. We carry two adhesive options that each have different uses. There are lots of differences between rubber and acrylic adhesives and our blog post about it should answer any questions you might have.


We manufacture straps to order using hook and loop. These straps are typically ultrasonically welded, but we also make sewn straps for heavy duty uses. You can view all of our conversion services here.


Coins are also called dots, or circles, and are kiss-cut adhesive backed hook and loop circles that remain on the release liner for easy use. These are good for light duty applications like hanging up laminated cards, signs, etc. to display boards, poles, or walls.

Wide Loop

This is the loop side only, so just the soft, fuzzy side. This is manufactured in wide sheets up to 60" wide for display panels, pedal boards, and other applications where you may need to rearrange items regularly for ease of use or display. It can also provide an easier product to die cut in bulk or to laser cut.


VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fasteners are double sided. The hook and loop sides are laminated back to back, making a product that can wrap around and fasten to itself. This is great for cable management.

Specialty Fasteners

There are tons of other hook and loop products we carry beyond these popular product lines. Things like stretch loop, polyester hook and loop, fire retardant hook and loop, low profile options, and so much more. Check out our specialty pages to see what else we have to offer.