Hook and Loop for Pets

As most owners can attest, pets are known for being unpredictable. With their inability to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, it can sometimes be more difficult to take care of a pet than a baby or small child. When it comes to managing some of this chaos, hook and loop fasteners can be a lifesaver.

Veterinarians use hook and loop collars to ID dogs that have received vaccinations. Veterinarians use hook and loop VELCRO® Brand dog collars to ID dogs that have received vaccinations.

Dog and cat owners can appreciate how difficult it can be to keep a collar or a leash on their pets. These creatures have minds of their own, and sometimes they do not want to stand still long enough to have a collar threaded around their neck and fastened in a complicated way. Instead, an owner can rip open and press closed a collar made from Velcro® Brand hook and loop fasteners in a matter of seconds, securing the collar, tags and any other identification needed to keep their dog or cat identifiable.

Many people choose to outfit their pets in cute sweaters, jackets and even dresses. As with collars, many dogs and cats do not want to stand still long enough to have these clothes wrapped around their bodies. With hook and loop closures, these pets can be wearing everything from Halloween costumes to wedding apparel in a matter of seconds. Even better, the animals cannot remove the outfits themselves because the Velcro® Brand fasteners stay stuck together.

When a pet has an unfortunate accident, faces a surgery or undergoes any other type of medical procedure, hook and loop fasteners are the ideal way to apply braces to limbs, attach cones around their heads and even keep blankets wrapped around their bodies. As with clothing, the pets cannot remove these necessary medical interventions, and the hook and loop closures keep them snugly fitted to the animals’ bodies.

Diapers with hook and loop fasteners.

As pets are house trained, it may be necessary to keep them in diapers to protect the furniture and flooring of the residence. Much like with human babies, the quickest and easiest way to attach and remove a pet diaper is with Velcro straps on the sides that can be pulled open and pressed closed.

In addition to providing many benefits for dog and cat households, hook and loop fasteners can be used for many other types of pets. Feeding dishes for any pet, including a rabbit or turtle, can be fixed in place with adhesive backed hook and loop pieces applied underneath them. This fastener can stop pets from knocking over their food and water bowls and creating a mess in their cages or on the floor. A similar strip of hook and loop on the bottom of an ant farm or hamster wheel can prevent these favorite habitats from falling over. The edges of birdcage covers can be united with a pieces of hook and loop, creating a dark and sleepy environment.

These are just a few of the ways that hook and loop fasteners are useful for more than just people. If you're interested, read our blog post about how to use hook and loop for other projects.