Hook and Loop Color Options

Color options are always a popular topic here amongst our customers. Black is far and away the most popular color, but we offer 25 different color options among all of our products for a variety of needs and applications and it’s time we review those color options for you.


Black & White Sew On

Sew on hook and loop is material without any adhesive backing. It’s used, obviously, for sewing, but can also be used in strap manufacturing, in holding overlays together, and for applications where you can apply your own permanent adhesive.

We offer the sew on in black and white in both our DuraGrip Brand and VELCRO Brand products in a variety of widths. The VELCRO Brand products are available from 5/8” – 4” and our DuraGrip Brand products are available in 3/8” – 6” widths.


Sew On Colors

As mentioned before, we have 25 different color options available in our DuraGrip Brand sew on hook and loop colors. The majority of those 25 colors are available in 5/8” – 4” widths. While some colors may not be available in every width, all colors are available in 1” – 2” widths.

Black & White PSA

For adhesive backed hook and loop products, we offer two adhesive types. There is a rubber based adhesive backing and an acrylic based adhesive backing. The VELCRO Brand products are available in both adhesive types in 1/2” – 4” widths. The DuraGrip Brand products are also available in both adhesive types in the same sizes, from 1/2” – 4” wide in black and white. Additionally, the DuraGrip Brand products are also available 3/8”, 5” and 6” rubber based adhesive backing in black only.


PSA Colors

In addition to the black and white colors with adhesive backing, we also offer the rubber based adhesive backed hook and loop in 12 different colors in 1”, 1.5” and 2” widths. Those colors are beige, brown, light gray, dark gray, and olive drab as well as green, light blue, royal blue, navy blue, red, orange and yellow. These colors are all available in both the hook side and loop side in all three widths. As for the acrylic based adhesive backed hook and loop, we only offer those products in black and white.


Wide Loop Colors

For wide display loop, we offer the VELCRO Brand products in black and white in most options. We offer wide loop in a 24” wide in black only and in 50” and 54” widths in both black and white. The DuraGrip Brand wide display loop is available in several shades of blue, black, red and grey in addition to green, white and tan. The wide loop is most often used in display panels, pedal boards, shadow boxes and other applications where items are hung up for display and is 63” wide. It’s important to note that Colored VELCRO® Brand Products are available by the yard, while the DuraGrip Brand products have a 5 yard minimum per color.

Coin Colors

Lastly, all of our hook and loop coin fasteners are available in black and white in both brands. The coins are available in widths from 1/2” through 1 3/8” as well as a 1 7/8” width in the DuraGrip Brand.