VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners in Art

Creative expression in art takes limitless forms, and the use of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners can expand artistic applications in unique and innovative ways.

Arts and crafts projects, for both children and adults, benefit from using VELCRO® Brand hook and loop material. A collage can be much more than a flat, two-dimensional work. Instead, it can extend into three dimensions by attaching different shaped items with hook and loop. Three-dimensional models, hand-decorated clothing, tote bags, purses, hair clips, holiday stockings and much more become singular expressions through using hook and loop material.

Gallery Displays

Aside from home or class projects, the professional art world uses the material in practical and creative ways as well. The “VELCRO® Gallery” in San Francisco uses hook and loop to attach its artwork to the walls.

Photography and Art Itself

Many artists also incorporate it in their particular creations. Whether glued into abstract sculptures or painted and pressed to canvas to create texture, artists find new and interesting methods in which to use this everyday material. Even photographers can have fun with hook and loop close up shots.


In the theatre world, hook and loop material is invaluable. The time allotted between scenes to change costumes can be very short, making complex fasteners impractical. Using something that quickly adheres and releases saves considerable time and can amaze an audience with the efficiency that’s possible. Quick costume removal might even be a part of a performance, and the use of hook and loop would play a necessary role.

Get Creative

Artists of all kinds have found ways to use hook and loop material in their work. One video artist, Mike Cantor, has created a number of stop-motion animations using colorful, patterned and plain hook and loop coins that shift in various precise motions.

Imagination is the key to making fun, funky, abstract and innovative art projects, and the uses for VELCRO® Brand hook and loop in art are as diverse as the imaginations of those who use it. Combined with an artist’s vision, hook and loop helps individual creativity push the limits.


Slava Yurthev Copyright