Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation

Hook-and-loop applications have advanced and changed over the years, whether through new designs, or new applications by branching out into the diverse areas of the aeronautical, marine, and automotive industries.

>Car interiors are often secured with hook and loop fasteners.

Automotive Uses

Hook-and-loop fasteners are used in the automotive industry in everything from fitting seat trim covers, armrests and head rests, to securing headliners and floor coverings. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® is used to keep loose wires and cables bundled safely together. The hook-and-loop fastening system is also a handy helper when it comes to aftermarket repairs, parts, and accessories. Sagging headliners, truck bed covers, or peeling door panels can quickly be repaired or secured with acrylic adhesive backed hook and loop.

Marine Uses

Marine grade hook-and-loop straps are used to bundle fishing gear, nautical equipment, and cargo to keep everything securely in place. Polyester straps are water-resistant, adjustable, and designed for years of reliable use, withstanding daily abuse from salt water and U.V. rays. Nylon straps are also water-resistant.

Airplane seats are often installed with hook and loop.

Flight Applications

Because it meets the rigid specifications for aeronautics, hook-and-loop technology is used to attach seat trim, carpeting, and interior panels in airplanes. Insulation blankets, which are attached with fire retardant hook-and-loop fasteners, are used to maintain cabin climate and reduce air cabin noise. Hook and loop provides for easy removal for cleaning, inspection, installation, or maintenance.

Adhesive Uses

Some industrial strength options feature rubber adhesive backing that have a good starting tack and reach their full strength rather quickly. Used for general purposes, rubber adhesive backed hook and loop is usually the most economic peel-and-stick fastener for use on smooth surfaces like aluminum, plastic, glass, and rigid vinyl.

Other industrial strength fasteners use an acrylic adhesive backing, which usually takes longer to set but has a greater bonding strength. Acrylic adhesives also have a high shear strength and a high resistance to temperature and moisture, making it ideal for use in automobiles and the outdoors.

Derived from a cockle bur, the hook-and-loop fastening system has expanded into nearly every aspect of the transportation business, from industrial use to military use to consumer use. The possibilities for storage, organization, and safety applications are endless.