Hook And Loop Sander Discs

Sander discs are used on drum sanders. Many drum sanders and other large industrial sanders use sanding discs that are attached with a hook and loop fastener. This is so the sanding discs can be interchangeable and replaceable once the sandpaper or buffer or similar attachment wears out.

Who Uses Sander Discs

Construction, fabrication, manufacturing and other industries are filled with companies that use sanders to assist them in creating the products or services they offer, from flooring, cabinetry, automotive applications and individual products.

Why Us

The sander discs that are used on these industrial sanders are often 6” – 12” circles and contain the loop portion of the hook and loop fastener. But after enough use, the hook side which is attached to the base of the sander itself will need to be replaced. Customers often find that spending the money on new hook is more cost effective than replacing the base of their sander.

Our wider hook options are good for this application because the rubber-based adhesive that is available on our 6” wide hook can withstand up to 190 degrees F. Since this is such a common request from customers, we’ve made the 6” hook available by the yard instead of only selling it on 25 yard rolls as we do with most of our other products.