Hook and Loop in the Warehouse - Efficiency and Organization in Industrial Environments

Efficiency in a warehouse setting is comprised of three main factors: the productivity of your workers, organization and safety so nothing interrupts the workflow. They can all be helped along with the use of hook and loop fasteners.

The hook and loop benefits in warehouse work are threefold:
1 – Holds or supports products and materials securely.
2 – Assists with labeling and organization in a long-lasting yet changeable way.
3 – Increases safety and prevents accidents to both workers and products.

Check out this video for ways the VELCRO® Brand Logistrap® and other hook and loop straps (like the ones we offer) can improve efficiency, organization and productivity.

Product Storage and Transport Help

When a pallet or case of products is delivered to the warehouse for storage, workers must first unwrap or open it to make sure the manifest is correct. Then, they must secure it again before moving it to its storage location. Using a sturdy and adjustable Velcro® brand strap not only cuts the time needed, but also reduces costs and environmental impact since the company will not have to buy shrink-wrap or plastic straps. These straps are suitable for securing even the most awkwardly shaped containers.

Labeling and Organization in the Warehouse

While warehouse-grade hook and loop straps and nets are available, even the smallest pieces can help your warehouse run more efficiently. Shelf or bin labels can be changed with ease. Attach a 1-inch strip to the shelf or bin and another to the back of the label or manifest listing all the items stored in that location. Since hook and loop fasteners are strong enough to ensure they won't accidentally be knocked off.

Safety Control of Fixtures, Wires and Hoses

A tumbling stack of boxes may result in broken merchandise and injuries to warehouse workers. Using hook and loop straps to secure them greatly reduces the safety hazards associated with this job. However, there are still other ways to be injured. Loose wires, ropes or cords and hoses cause trip and fall accidents that can be serious in an industrial warehouse setting. Use cinch straps to attach them to shelving or in other out of the way places. It can also help with routing wires and hoses throughout the large working space so power and water can safely go where it is needed.