Hook and Loop in Hollywood

Hook-and-loop fasteners have so many uses that they have even made their way into pop culture. Both in front of the camera and behind it, Hollywood uses hook-and-loop material in numerous ways throughout a production.

Cameraman using a hook-and-loop strap.


Screenwriters typically use computer software to develop and write scripts, but at times they need to see the progression of scenes on a larger scale. Directors use storyboarding as a way to visualize and prepare scenes with drawings of specific camera angles and of character actions. These assist a director in determining how well a scene flows and whether ideas will work on film. Writing these scene summaries down and attaching some peel-and-stick hook coins to the back means they can easily be attached and reattached to any wall or board with peel-and-stick loop coins. Moving or replacing individual pieces becomes an easy task, and a hook-and-loop board is safer to transport because of its stability.


Big budget productions spend enormous amounts of money on costumes, but in the midst of filming, when problems arise and a quick fix is essential, hook-and-loop fasteners help repair tears or make adjustments, saving the day and keeping a film on schedule. Movies without big costume budgets rely on cost-saving methods from start to finish. Independent film productions don’t have the time or the funds to design and make elaborate costumes. They may even buy off the rack, which makes the need for alterations likely. Hook-and-loop material helps costumers take in or shorten a garment that is too big or too long without investing a lot of time or money.

Now Starring...

Hook and loop has played a part in front of the camera as well, ensuring its place in pop culture:

  • Talk show host David Letterman wore a suit made of hook and loop on a 1984 episode of Late Show with David Letterman which showed him hanging from a wall.

  • In an apparent costume error in Back to the Future, Doc Brown is wearing shoes with hook and loop fasteners in the scene where he hangs from the clock tower.

  • Music group ZZ Top wrote a song and made the most '80s video ever, entitled “Velcro Fly", praising the fastener for its quick release.

  • In the film Bruno, the main character designs and wears a suit made of hook and loop. Various fabrics and other items stick to him, causing him to stumble onto a fashion runway.

  • The movie Garden State featured a character who makes a fortune after inventing “silent Velcro."

  • The film Crazy, Stupid, Love shows Jacob Palmer taking Cal Weaver on a shopping trip to buy a more fashionable wardrobe. Cal makes a show out of using a wallet made of hook and loop when it’s time to pay.

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