Hook and Loop For Your Pets

In addition to using hook and loop to hold your pet’s food dish in place, there are tons of products that utilize hook and loop fasteners to make things easier on you and your pet.


Harnesses are a good way to restrain your pet without choking them with a standard collar and leash connection. Harnesses can offer some protection or added visibility as well. Most pet harnesses use hook and loop as an easy way to securely fasten them in place.

Thunder Shirts and Blankets

Thunder shirts and blankets are used to calm your pet during periods that can cause anxiety for your pet. Things like rainstorms, fireworks and other frequent loud noises can often scare your pets and using a calming shirt or blanket that secures with hook and loop is a good way to provide a little comfort to your pet.

Pet Cones

Cones are sheets of plastic or other material that gets wrapped around your pet’s head to prevent them from biting or scratching at stitches or open wounds, allowing them to heal quickly and properly. Many of these cones are fastened using hook and loop to make them easy to put on or take off.


Pet boots are useful for extreme temperatures where your pet’s feet might freeze or burn. In cold winters, some pets’ foot pads are not made to hold up to prolonged exposure to snow. The same can be said for hot temperatures and beaches or paved roads. Boots are easily fastened using hook and loop and provide a layer of protection for your pets once they get used to wearing them.

These are just a few of the most common ways hook and loop can be used by you and your pets to make life a little bit easier for you both!