Hook and Loop for the Classroom

Hook and loop tape is a great classroom tool with a myriad of uses. It can be used to create a safe and orderly school environment and is great for making teacher-created learning tools. From organizing the classroom, to building fun and interactive lesson plans, hook and loop fasteners can help teachers of all grade levels keep their sanity. Here are five DIY classroom organization ideas using hook and loop.

Keep Objects in Place

The primary goal of any classroom teacher is to keep their students safe. Objects such as cords, Teacher and Studentsrugs and seat cushions can pose threats to safety if they are not kept securely in place. Hook and loop can secure these objects. Cords and wires can be kept neat and secure by fastening bundles with hook and loop or by covering long, exposed cords with a strip of hook fastened to the carpet. Rugs and seat cushions can be attached to floors and chairs using hook and loop.

Secure Desk Name Tags

Most teachers know the frustration of taping nametags to their students' desks only to have them peel off within the next week. Hook and loop can be used to securely fasten nametags to desks. As a result, the desks will remain clean and neat.

Hang Posters and Charts

Posters and charts need to stick to walls for a long period of time. Using hook and loop to hang such items has an advantage over other, less durable materials. Some classroom walls don’t hold certain fasteners very well. For walls that have a fabric covering, hook fasteners can be used to hang up anything, and it makes them especially easy to adjust and relocate. This saves a teacher time when posters and charts have to be changed.

Keep Dry Erase Markers in Place

Ask a group of teachers, and they will tell you that they have lost valuable teaching time trying to find dry erase markers. Attaching hook and loop to the marker and board keeps the marker attached and within easy reach.

Help for Disabled Learners

It is difficult for some students to sit still for extended periods of time. Hook and loop can be used as a hands-on approach to teaching kids. Visual learners will quickly pick up on the lesson plan and being able to interact with the lesson helps disabled students stay on task.

There are tons of ways teachers use hook and loop in the classroom. Get some rolls and try it out for yourself!


Slava Yurthev Copyright