Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Sports

Hook-and-loop closures have become an integral part of sports. Whether they ensure the proper fit of protective gear or improve the effectiveness of training equipment, these fasteners make many sports safer. Athletes, trainers, coaches and players use hook and loop. Physical education teachers use them in schools. The ability to adjust tightness and length makes them useful in a variety of sports. Discover some common DIY sports equipment hacks using hook and loop below!

Young girl playing catcher in a softball game.Flag Football


Protective gear like shin guards, chest plates, pads, and helmets use hook and loop. This helps keep these protective equipment in place so they can work. In boxing, an important training element is the boxers' gloves. Adjustable fasteners are a quick answer to lacing up gloves and creating the perfect fit. This helps to minimize hand and wrist injuries, while also including added convenience.

Soccer nets use hook and loop back straps.Even golf equipment uses hook-and-loop fasteners.


Soccer nets use hook and loop back straps. Surfers use leashes to wrap a hook-and-loop strap around their ankle. They can anchor the other end of the leash to their surfboard. This prevents it from floating away after a wipe out. Multiple mats make it safer for training gymnasts and cheerleaders. By connecting them, they can cover the large expanse of a standard gymnasium floor. Training mats and spring tracks are used by coaches in gyms and teachers in schools to provide a padded landing area for kids to practice tumbling and learn new stunts. They are used for balance beam, vault and generic tumbling runs. Securely connecting the mat ends with heavy-duty hook-and-loop closures prevents injuries that can happen from stepping on uneven surfaces or in gaps.

Wide strap, reinforced with webbing.


For weightlifters, back belts with quick-release straps prevent weightlifting injuries by offering support to athletes using free weights. Weight training is used in many sports such as football, soccer and ice skating to help players achieve better stamina and muscle tone. Trainers hand out adjustable ankle weights and wrist weights to players for strength training and rehabilitation. When it comes to running, comfortable footwear is critical for top performance. In many sports, including running and basketball, athletes prefer wearing shoes with hook-and-loop fasteners for their comfort and ease of use. Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards set the trend by playing basketball in lace-free shoes from Nike.


Stadiums and arenas can use hook and loop to hang signage, mount facades, or cordon off areas. Our social distancing straps are perfect for blocking off seating. Contact us today to see how our products can work for you.

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