Hook and Loop DIY Tablet Mount Life Hack

Hook and loop fasteners are the ultimate life hacks. The use of hook and loop fasteners does not require drilling holes or slathering industrial glue on pricey equipment.


For instance, a basic DIY tablet mount can be fashioned by wrapping a strip of hook and loop fasteners around each end of the tablet. Thread a flexible pole through these fasteners and position the pole over the bed or above the desk to create a floating interactive device that remains within reach without taking up much space.

This is an interesting hook and loop life hack for anyone addicted to their tablet-based applications. Gaming, streaming videos and reading digital books and magazines while lounging on the bed is one of the best ways to relax on a weekend. Many popular games and apps are tablet-based as well.

This DIY tablet mount is the perfect life hack because even people who are not handy can put it together quickly. Use a flexible tent pole or something similar to create the arched holder, but make sure that each end is securely attached to the bed posts, bed frame or table legs. Use extra hook and loop fastener strips to secure the tab to the pole, but keep the fasteners off the control button to maintain easy access. The best part is that the tablet can be detached from the DIY tablet holder as needed.