Hook and loop is used in the construction, industrial, electrical and manufacturing fields to provide storage, organization and safety solutions. More products, tools and safety equipment are outfitted with this unique invention than ever before.

Construction worker on scaffolding.

Safety harnesses, knee pads and back braces are all outfitted with industrial-strength Velcro® brand or DuraGripTM brand hook-and-loop fasteners. They provide an excellent fit and maximum safety protection for electrical technicians climbing poles or warehouse workers using forklift trucks. Stretch loop offers an adjustable fit and the ability to reposition quickly whenever necessary.

Hook-and-loop fasteners are available in several options, including rolls of sew-on, peel-and-stick coins, Velcro® brand One Wrap fasteners, and custom manufactured cinch straps. Cinch straps can be used to hold together and transport loaded pallets for warehouse distribution.

Worker with safety vest on scaffolding.

Electrical wire and cable management is a snap with cinch straps or cable ties. Once the cables, tubes or hoses are bundled together, wrap the strap around the bundle and fasten the hook to the loop for a secure fit. If a sturdy hold is necessary, a cinch strap is the best answer. Fire departments use cinch straps to organize their fire hoses. For organizing fiber optic cables, Velcro® brand Cable Straps may be a better solution.

Webbing comes in a wide variety of styles and is used almost everywhere in these fields. Reflective webbing is used in safety vests, while heavyweight webbing is used in safety harnesses and heavy duty straps. Lightweight webbing is used in belts and tool harnesses.

Cinch straps with logo imprinting.

Logo imprinting on DuraGrip® Brand or industrial strength VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners is a great marketing tool for commercial businesses. Putting a company logo, address or phone number on items like key chains or cinch straps is a great way to advertise to potential customers.

Industrial hook and loop has made its way into almost every business, industry and market in the world, providing endless opportunities for safety, construction and manufacturing purposes.