Hook and Loop Can Secure Your Pet's Dish

Tired of your pets moving their food dish all over your floor and making a mess? You can use hook and loop to solve your problem.

Adhesive backed hook and loop can be used to adhere the dish to the floor. If the floor is carpet, you just stick some of the hook side to the under side of the dish and that should be enough to hold the dish in place on carpet.

You can also use the adhesive backed loop side to stick to a hardwood floor, linoleum or tile. The rubber based adhesive should work best for this application.

The adhesive can prove to be difficult to remove so you’ll need to take that into consideration before placing it on your flooring.

Another option is to use hook and loop to fasten a rubber pad to the underside of your pet’s dish! This will help prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces and does not require sticking anything to your floor.

These are good solutions for food dishes, but they can also be used on water dishes too! The less the water dish moves, the less the water dish spills. So being able to secure that in place can create a safer environment for kids and grandparents who may slip on a wet floor.

These are just a couple of ways hook and loop can help secure you pet’s food and water dishes in place.