Hit the Road in Style with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

VELCRO® brand hook and loop makes life on the road easier. If you travel in a camper or an RV, you'll want to take along some strong, cost-effective VELCRO® brand fasteners. Just consider a few of the useful tasks these products accomplish during a road trip:

Velcro used on campers and RVs

Secure RV Curtains

Do you need a reliable way to make certain that the window coverings in a camper or RV remain open? Hook and loop can be used to secure your curtains to the interior on each side of the window, enabling occupants to see views outside clearly. Strips of VELCRO® brand fasteners applied along the adjoining outer edges of the curtains allow travelers to close window coverings tightly for extra privacy. Or you can use hook and loop to attach window curtains inside your van.

Keep Personal Items Secured in Your RV

To avoid personal items spilling during a long caravan trip, place them in a lightweight basket and secure the basket on a shelf using strips of VELCRO® brand fasteners. This system works well for organizing car trunks on the road too. You can place your TV remote securely on the top of the television set in your conversion van using VELCRO® brand VELCOIN® fasteners. Hook and loop straps are a great way to organize and secure fishing poles and other long items.

Organize Electronic Items

Strips of VELCRO® brand fasteners permit you to affix a cell phone to the dash of your vehicle. Fasten a tablet in the back of the vehicle using Velcro® brand hook and loop to entertain the kids during a long drive.

Securing Seat Covers

Do the seat covers in your RV sometimes slip out of place? Use some hook and loop to keep the seams together. This is also great for head liners, dashboards, loose panels and more.

Flatter Floor Mats

Hook and loop placed at each corner of an automotive floor mat will help you keep this covering in the location you prefer during a road trip. Heavy use sometimes causes mats to fold over or slide around in a moving vehicle, a situation that may contribute to unfortunate slips and falls. VELCRO® brand hook and loop offers a convenient way to help keep the edges of floor coverings flat.


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