Get Organized with Hook and Loop

There are an almost infinite number of ways hook and loop products can help organize your home or office environment. To provide you with some inspiration, we have detailed some of our favorite hook and loop home organization ideas:

Hook and Loop Cable Ties Hook and Loop One-Wrap® cable ties are a great way to bundle loose cables, and keep a space organized.[/caption]

Home entertainment systems with their various components create a mess of wires. A simple way to bring these cables under control is with hook and loop cable ties

A quick look under most desks reveals a mess of routers, power strips, modems and cabling. Hook and loop helps in two ways. Hook and loop cable ties corral the wires, while strips mounted on the underside of a desk mate with dots mounted on power strips and other devices getting them off the floor. Attaching the cords and devices to the underside of a desk creates an uncluttered environment and allows easy access for cleaning under the workstation.

On top of a desk, Velcro dots can secure items to the work surface, keeping items securely in their designated spaces.  This technique works especially well with shared workstations, where the hook and loop system provides a gentle reminder to return shared items, like staplers or whole-punches, to their proper place after use.

We hope this post has provided some ideas that you can use to bring a little more organization to your life. has everything you need to complete the projects detailed in this post. Do you have a favorite hook and loop organization project you would like to share with our community?


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