Funny and Strange Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners have been around for more than 60 years -- plenty of time for people to discover strange new uses for them. They are used in everyday applications, such as shoes and diapers, to more exotic uses like Aerospace applications. Astronauts dealing with zero gravity use Velcro® for everything from keeping their personal hygiene products in place in storage bags to fastening pieces to a chess board during leisurely time in space. Keep reading to discover more funny and interesting hook and loop tap uses!

Best toupee ever. Photo credit: BJ Carter / / CC BY-ND

Holding a Toupee in Place

How can a person who is dealing with baldness use hook and loop fasteners to make sure that a toupee won’t shift out of place in windy weather? Believe it or not, people have been known to use hook and loop fasteners to keep hairpieces in place.

Mosquito Repellent on Dog and Horse Collars

Mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases and are generally a nuisance to people and pets. Dogs and horses both spend a lot of time outdoors, so it is beneficial for pet owners to help out their furry friends by keeping a mosquito repellent on the animals at all times. Collars made of hook and loop fasteners can hold mosquito repellents and keep pests off of dogs and horses. Versions of these bands that are meant for horses include hook and loop straps that can be attached near the nose or tail of the animal. Both of these areas tend to be targeted by mosquitoes, flies, and other pests.

No Pockets for Runners

Running tends to jostle items from runners' hands (or pockets -- if they have any), and losing important items while racing can be frustrating. Hook and loop fasteners have now been used to adhere timing chips and small snacks to a runner during a race to avoid the distraction of stopping to pick up fallen items.

These two are certainly "stuck" together, even without hook and loop fasteners on their shirts. Photo credit: mohammadali / / CC BY-NC-SA

Valentine’s Day Party Shirts

One last unique way that people have chosen to use hook and loop fasteners is for shirts that are worn to Valentine’s Day parties. The shirts can be made humorously romantic by attaching the hook part of the fastener to the boys' shirts and the loop portion to the girls', or vice versa. While each person is milling around the party, the Velcro® brand hook and loop strips adhere to each other. Hey, Valentine’s Day is all about getting “stuck” on someone, right?


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