DuraGrip Brand vs. VELCRO ® Brand Products

A lot of our customer interaction involves teaching the customer all about hook and loop. One of the first things we explain is that the product is hook and loop. We also explain that there are different manufacturers and different brands of material. At HookandLoop.com, we stock two hook and loop brands: our DuraGrip Brand, and the VELCRO ® Brand. Each brand offers different advantages.

Advantages to the VELCRO ® Brand products include that it is manufactured in the USA which produces a very consistent, softer, more pliable product.

Product Price

VELCRO ® Brand products generally cost more than our DuraGrip Brand products for a few reasons. First, the material is manufactured stateside versus overseas. Second, there is a premium on the brand name. Third, it is much easier to find VELCRO ® Brand products.

Product Selection

VELCRO ® Brand products are available in the standard industrial strength hook and loop just like the DuraGrip Brand. However, there are a ton of other product options available in the VELCRO ® Brand in addition to the standard hook and loop fasteners. These products include the low-profile hook and loop options, various mil-specs, VELSTICK ® products and more. While some of these items have a DuraGrip Brand alternative, most of them do not. These specialty products also have significant lead times and minimum order quantities.


The DuraGrip Brand products are available in 25 colors in sew on or adhesive backed hook and loop, products that you won't find anywhere else. VELCRO ® Brand products are available in black or white. Other colors are available with lead times and minimum order quantities.

Manufacture Location

Our DuraGrip Brand material is manufactured mostly in Taiwan and sometimes in China. With most distributors of overseas goods, there is a lead time of 10 – 12 weeks for these goods. However, since we work with a number of distributors, we can receive product in 1-5 business days. This means we always have a revolving stock of our DuraGrip Brand products.

While VELCRO ® Brand products are manufactured in the northeast United States, the lead times can vary. Most products are received within 3 – 10 business days, however some specialty products can take up to 6 weeks to ship. An added benefit to being made in the USA, is that all mil-spec material is Berry amendment compliant.

Material Strength

Both DuraGrip® vs VELCRO® Brands provide great products that work well in many different applications. DuraGrip Brand material is made of a thicker monofilament which provides a sturdier closure strength and stiffer material. VELCRO ® Brand products are softer, more pliable, and still provide plenty of strength for most applications. The adhesives used on both brands of material also have minor differences such as operating temperature ranges.

Both brands provide great products that work well in many different applications. Offering both brands provides our customers with more options based on their individual use and needs.


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