Hook and Loop Helps Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers often create support products with hook and loop fasteners to help patients adjust their braces and attach them to their bodies more easily. Common medical devices that feature hook and loop are walking casts, shoulder supports and scoliosis braces. In fact, some scoliosis patients can decrease their chances of requiring spinal fusion surgery by wearing back braces.

Boston Brace via Iscoliosis.com

The Boston, Milwaukee and Charleston braces are the most common back support devices used to treat scoliosis. All three braces are made of hard plastic to apply pressure on the spine and stop the progression of scoliosis. Medical device developers use two strips of hook and loop to attach the Boston brace. They use three strips to connect the Milwaukee and Charleston braces to a patient’s body.

Georgia and Becca, who met at a scoliosis support group that Becca started, have had to adjust not only to their braces, but to the everyday life changes that scoliosis can cause. Most scoliosis patients are girls, and they often struggle emotionally because the condition makes them different from their peers. The two girls were diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age, and the meeting resulted in the girls feeling less alone and more at ease when wearing their braces.


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