"Do You Send Samples?"

Every day we take phone calls and answer emails from customers trying to find the right product for their application. Sometimes we suggest sending samples to the customer in order to test out the products we have available and to see which one works the best for them. We do not charge anything for our samples. They are absolutely free!

We often send samples of multiple brands, colors or adhesive types so our customers can determine which product works the best for their application.

Hook and Loop Samples

When we send sample hook and loop products, we usually send anywhere from a few inches to a yard of material.  Items we often send include our standard sew-on hook and loop and the peel and stick hook and loop.

Color Cards

Many customers are interested in our color options and would like to see an up close version of a certain color that they can put their hands on or compare to material they already have. We have color cards available with small physical swatches of each color on them. This is great for narrowing down a specific color or comparing to colors you may already have. We have color cards available for our DuraGrip Brand sew on hook and loop, display loop, and webbing.

Brand Samples

The difference between the DuraGrip Brand and VELCRO ® Brand products is one of our most popular questions we receive from customers. When comparing material, we can send samples in both our DuraGrip Brand and VELCRO ® Brand products so customers can gauge the differences and decide which option they prefer.

Adhesive Samples

Another popular question we get a lot is “what is the difference between the rubber and acrylic adhesives?” We can provide a list of substrates that each adhesive works well on, but oftentimes the environment or the specific substrate may require testing samples. Samples of the peel and stick fasteners allow customers to test out each one and determine for themselves which one works best for their application.

Wide Loop Samples

Wide loop is a loop material that is manufactured in wide sheets. This is a looser weave that allows the product to be more malleable than a narrow rolled good. Wide loop is great for displays, pedal boards, shadow boxes, trade shows, and so much more. Samples are useful to test adhesives on, or to compare to the material a customer is already using. We generally send a swatch that is about 4” square.

Sample Straps

Lastly, we do send out strap samples as well. Occasionally, we can send out a single strap sample at no charge. But when a request comes through for several samples for testing, we offer our quick sample service that charges $20.00 for four custom made straps.

We send all of our samples out via USPS for free. If you prefer to receive yours faster than that, you can also provide a FedEx or UPS account number and we can expedite the shipment for a charge.


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