"Do You Have a Catalog?"

It's a question we get fairly often here at hookandloop.com and the short answer is no, we don't offer any physical catalogs of our products. We offer tons of products in various sizes and colors and compiling a catalog just doesn't make sense for us. All of our products are readily available online so the website itself acts as a catalog for us.

Browsing the Website

The easiest way to navigate our site is via the black navigation bar. You can search products by brand, product type, or even by color. We offer specialty products as well straps through our site too. All of these have specific product images available once you've made all of your selections like width, color, and side.

Color Cards

If the website doesn't offer enough detail, we can send out a color card at no charge (or include one in your order). The color card includes a square swatch of each color we offer in our hook and loop. We also have a color card for our polypropylene webbing. We're also happy to include a sample piece or two of specific products you may be interested in so you can do some testing to determine if our products will work for your application. And as always, we're readily available by phone, chat, or email to answer any questions you may have about everything in hook and loop.


So once you've pinned down a product, you can request samples and we can provide up to a yard of material for you to test with, depending on the product. We can also request samples of some specialty products that need to be requested from the manufacturer. This would include products that we do not stock and products listed on our special orders page.

Quick Samples

Now, we also provide strap samples to those customers that need to pinpoint their strap lengths before placing a larger order. For as little as $20, you can get a set of 4 straps to test with. This includes shipping costs. So if you need 4 identical straps, or 4 straps at different lengths, it's a great way to dial in your strap sizes.

We also charge $40 for a quick sample if it involves sewing or stretch loop, as there is more labor or more expensive material involved in making those. It's a great service that allows you to make a small investment to get actual straps in your hand that you can test our quality with so you can feel confident in the product you're ordering.

So whether you want to compare brands, colors, sizes, or test functionality, we have a solution for you.

If you'd like to request a sample today, please email us at info@hookandloop.com.