Do Stretchy Hook and Loop Products Exist?

There are tons of hook and loop variations available in different styles like low-profile or heavy duty. There are several different colors that we offer from military colors to neon colors and everything in between. There are different widths available from as narrow as 3/8" to 54" wide, depending on the product, but are there stretchy hook and loop options?

Stretch Loop being stretched to show elasticity.

As it turns out, there are! Stretch loop is a product where the nylon fibers are cross-woven with rubber fibers that allow for the material to stretch. The stretch loop has about a 40 - 50% stretch to it, meaning that a 12" piece should stretch to 18". We offer stretch loop in our DuraGrip Brand on 40 yard rolls from 5/8" to 2" wide and in Black and White. We also offer VELCRO® Brand VELSTRETCH® Stretch Loop in Black from 5/8" to 2" wide and in White from 3/4" to 2" wide. We also occasionally carry stock on 1" VELSTRETCH® in Red and Royal Blue. These colors make for excellent head bands when it comes to laser tag and other similar sports. Other colors and widths for stretchy hook and loop are available, but are subject to minimum order quantities and large lead times. If you're interested in other stretch VELCRO® Brand options, you can contact us here.

While stretch loop is available in plenty of options, there's unfortunately no such thing as a stretch hook. Luckily, the standard hook products work well with the stretch loop and in most applications the loop is the only side that needs to stretch anyway. This is particularly true in strap applications. We manufacture custom straps like back straps and cinch straps with the stretch loop material because it offers a softer and more comfortable closure against skin than the standard hook and loop and it works well for rehabilitation, braces and other firm fitting skin contact applications.

So to recap, there is no such thing as stretch hook, but we offer stretch loop in two brands, and in Black and White, in all standard widths from 5/8" to 2". We also occasionally stock Red and Blue in 1" wide, but most colors have a minimum and a long lead time. If you have any questions or if you'd like a quote on a stretchy strap, drop us a line by email or call us at 800-940-6934.


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