Discover the Advantages of DuraGrip® Fasteners

Much like Kleenex® is synonymous with facial tissue, Velcro® is synonymous with hook and loop fasteners.  When it comes to hook and loop fasteners, alternatives to the Velcro® brand do exist. Not all brands are the same and it pays to understand the advantages and differences offered by other manufacturers. At, we are proud to offer our own DuraGrip® brand of hook and loop in addition to being a distributor of Velcro® brand products. In this post, we highlight the unique benefits of DuraGrip® brand hook and loop so you can determine if this brand is right for you.

The advantages of DuraGrip® include:

Cost: DuraGrip® fasteners are a lower cost alternative to Velcro® brand fasteners. The costsavings vary depending on the fastener type and order size, but in certain applications the savings are significant.

DuraGrip hook and loop fasteners

Fastener Properties: Velcro® brand fasteners and the DuraGrip® brand have distinct feels to their hook and loop. DuraGrip® is a more aggressive tape when compared to Velcro® brand hook and loop products. The DuraGrip® material is made with more hooks and loops per square inch, which, along with being more rigid, results in a shorter cycle life. From a performance standpoint, DuraGrip® hook and loop develops a stronger bond, making it better suited in demanding applications.

Color Options: One of the biggest advantages of DuraGrip® is the available color options. With 26 colors, the available color pallet ensures you can find a stock color to complement your application.  Popular DuraGrip® colors include coyote tan and coyote brown; these colors complement camouflage color schemes and are a popular choice for military fastener applications.  With DuraGrip® fasteners, all color options are available with low minimum order quantities, so you do not have to order more than you need to get the color you want.

Ordering: Delivery and fulfillment times are one of the big considerations when ordering any product online. All of our DuraGrip® sew-on colors are stocked for immediate delivery and our peel and stick products are stocked in black and white for immediate delivery as well. On occasion, these products are subject to a 1-4 day lead time when out of stock. This fulfillment time is significantly less than the fulfillment time for most Velcro® brand fasteners.

We take great pride in being a top supplier for Velcro® brand fasteners to many satisfied customers, but want you to know some of the advantages of DuraGrip® fasteners. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you determine which product is right for you. Please contact us at 800-940-6934 or via email at [email protected] for help with product selection.


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