The Difference Between Hook Vs. Loop

Before going over the difference between hook and loop, it’s important to note that what most people consider “Velcro” is a product called hook and loop. “Velcro” is a brand, called the Velcro Companies, and they are the original manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners.


The difference between hook and loop

Which Side Is Which?

So hook and loop is made up of two sides. First, there is the hook side of VELCRO® Brand products, which is the rough, scratchy side. The hook is made up of tons of little uniform loops that are then cut in precisely the right spot to create little hooks. These hooks will stick to everything and can often stick to carpet, clothing, pets, furniture and more.

The loop side is the soft, fuzzy side. The loop is designed to work in conjunction with the hook. The loop is basically a bunch of strands of varying size and length that creates a neat bed for the hooks to sink into to take hold.

When you mate the hook and loop (press the two sides together), you get a fastener that is tough and resilient, while also being pretty easy to open.

Various Styles

Within each side, there are different styles that allow for stronger holds, or for light-duty applications. The stronger the hold, the lower the cycle-life. Cycle-life is the number of times you can fasten and unfasten the hook and loop before it loses half its strength. Some of the most common styles are the low-profile hook and loop which provide an easy to peel solution while also being strong in shear. Another popular option is the high-profile MVA8, or HTH 511, which is a T-shaped hook that is used in applications that are more permanent. This hook has a low cycle-life and is often used to install headliners and cabinet fascia, etc.

How It’s Sold

At, we sell the hook and the loop on 25 yard rolls and we sell them separately. We sell the hook and loop separately because some customers need more of one side than they need of the other, or they may need two different products for each side. For instance, they may need the wide loop product for their pedal board and thin strips of the hook side for their pedals. Or another example would be someone needing to connect two pads with one strip of 4” wide hook and 2 strips of 2” wide loop.

By selling the sides separately, you have the freedom to choose the product that works best for you. So now that you know the difference between hook and loop, you can explore all of the options we have available to solve your next fastening needs! Browse our different types of VELCRO® Brand products today.


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