Difference Between Regal and Premier Display Loop

There are lots of wide loop options available at HookandLoop.com. We carry VELCRO® Brand Woven Loop 3001 and Knit Loop 3610 which have similar uses but are limited in color options. Another wide loop we carry is our DuraGrip Brand Display Loop. This is a thicker loop material available in two styles and in several colors.

Regal Display Loop

Regal display loop has a felt-like quality to it. This loop product is 63” wide and has a smooth appearance. There are 5 color options available: Carbon, Storm, Chrome, Sapphire and Chili Pepper. The Carbon is a black shade, and the Storm and Chrome are different shades of gray. Sapphire is a blue, and Chili Pepper is red. So while there is more variety in color options than the VELCRO® Brand wide loop, there isn’t a ton of variety with Regal loop.

Premier Display Loop

The Premier display loop is ridged, sort of like a Berber carpet style. Premier loop is also 63” wide and is a pretty sturdy loop option. There are 11 Premier loop color options available: Lava, Charcoal, Cinder, Steel, Nebula, Persian Blue, Monarch, Maroon, Electric Red, Green and Beach. While there are still several gray shades here like Charcoal, Cinder and Steel, as well as a black option in the Lava, the color options also include three blues in Monarch, Nebula and Persian Blue. Additionally, there are two reds in Maroon and Electric Red as well as a Green and Beach, which is a light beige color.


This material has numerous uses including display panels for trade shows, shadow boxes, pedal boards and more. This can be applied with just about any adhesive. We recommend a spray on adhesive or contact cement. You can also use screws, staples, nails and other fasteners to secure this loop in place.

The display loop is made of nylon and is hook compatible. There is a 5 yard minimum per order because the material is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Lead time on orders of this material is typically 3-5 business days.


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