The Difference between Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene Hook and Loop

Hook and loop fasteners, commonly known by the Velcro® brand name, come in a variety of strengths and materials to handle everything from home and garden tasks to heavy-duty and industrial-strength jobs. Hook and loop fasteners and straps, as well as specialty versions of hook and loop can be purchased in polyester, polypropylene and nylon materials for use in automotive, medicine, military and many other industries. While each type of hook and loop fiber offers its own benefits, the type of task it will be performing is the best way to make a selection.

Nylon and Polyester are almost identical in appearance


Nylon and Polyester are almost identical in appearance. Nylon is an incredibly strong, lightweight and shrink-resistant material. Nylon is mildew-resistant and dries very quickly. It is somewhat resistant to ultraviolet rays and can withstand high temperatures. Nylon's smooth surface provides a crisp background for graphic and logo imprinting on products such as straps. Nylon loop like this Velcro® Brand nylon loop tape, and straps provide a sturdy and reliable hold and are far and away the most common hook and loop. Our nylon options in the DuraGrip Brand are available in 25 colors.

Polypropylene hook is molded into a variety of different styles.MVA8 Polypropolyne


Polyester is an alternative choice for hook and loop fasteners. A synthetic fiber made from ethylene, which comes from petroleum, polyester is resistant to mildew as well as stretching, pilling and shrinking. Polyester has a low tolerance for high temperatures and tends to dry slower than other fabrics. It is most resistant to ultraviolet light. Hook and loop fasteners made of polyester provide a strong hold and closure. It's great for wet environments or when there is a lot of UV exposure. Check out this sew-on polyester hook tape to use on clothing, bags, and other fabrics. Polyester does cost about twice as much as standard nylon hook and loop fasteners. The polyester hook and loop is available in black or white only.


Polypropylene hook and loop is mostly limited to specialty items, such as the Velcro® Brand MVA#8 Molded Polypropylene and our lightweight polypropylene webbing products Being a plastic, this material is resistant to mildew and holds up well to moisture, but has a limited selection and may be subject to lead times and minimums. Color options are limited for some products, but our webbing is available in several colors.