COVID-19 Face Shields

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm, has been uniquely positioned to supply companies with large quantities of hook and loop material with incredible efficiency. Through our efforts, and the efforts of our customers and suppliers, we've been able to supply wholesale straps for the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of face shields and other PPE.

Cutting Material for Face Shields

We achieved this through supplying sew on hook and loop that is cut to length to be used as strapping for face shields. We've also cut adhesive backed hook and loop to attach face shields to a headband. These are only a couple of the ways this material is used to make this life-saving equipment quickly and affordably. Take a look at our DuraGrip Brand Sew On and DuraGrip Brand Adhesive Backed hook and loop for more information.

Making Straps for Face Shields

We've been busy manufacturing two way face straps that are used similarly, feeding the ends through slits in the face shields to provide a head strap. These wholesale straps are not only sturdy and reliable, but cost effective even for one-time use. Wholesale face shield straps are made from VELCRO® Brand hook and loop as well.

Lead Times

In this industry, hook and loop takes 6-12 weeks to be manufactured and shipped out to distributors. By leveraging our many suppliers, we've been able to source material in days instead of weeks. That's allowed us to crank out orders faster which has had a real effect in being able to get these face shields into the hands of those who need it most at the most crucial of times.

Our biggest strength is being able to provide a wide array of quality products fast, and that has been crucial in this pandemic. We'll continue to provide our same great service regardless. We appreciate everyone that makes that possible from our manufacturers, suppliers, and employees, to our customers.

If you need hook and loop for face shields, or for any other application, contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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