Cosplay With Hook And Loop

Cosplayers are fans of movies, tv shows, comic books, graphic novels, etc. who create fan costumes so they can represent their favorite characters. Often times, this is for attending conventions or gatherings with other cosplayers, but not always. Hook and loop is a great way to customize costumes for proper fitting and design.


Costume designs can be difficult to get just right. Sometimes edits need to be made to existing costumes in order to get the design right. Other times, the costume is made completely from scratch. This can involve a lot of material sourcing, cutting, sewing, molds, and more. Hook and loop is great for temporary placement of material in the design phase as well as providing a good bond for plastic items or molds to complete the look. This is particularly helpful for costumes that are complicated or difficult to get in and out of.


Hook and loop can be an easy way to expand or alter a costume to allow for a better fit. Sew on hook and loop can help keep separate pieces together for a more seamless look. You can also use hook and loop to add in additional material when needed or if a costume needs to be resized.


Hook and loop makes it easy to do quick changes or add elements that you may only need for a shorter period of time. This can really make a costume stand out as especially accurate. We have adhesive backed hook and loop as well as sew on hook and loop available in several colors that can really help to make these fasteners blend in with the rest of the costume.


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