Industry Uses For Hook and Loop

  1. Uses of Hook and Loop as an Educational Tool

    Uses of Hook and Loop as an Educational Tool
    Hook-and-loop material has a great range of practical and creative applications. Using hook-and-loop in the classroom creates possibilities for different types of learning for all ages, from arts and crafts to visual aids. Continue reading →
  2. Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation

    Hook-and-Loop Fasteners in Transportation
    Hook-and-loop applications have advanced and changed over the years, whether that's by increasing their strength and application or by branching out into the diverse areas of the aeronautical, marine, and automotive industries. Some hook-and-loop fasteners are used in the automotive industry in everything from fitting seat trim covers, armrests and head rests, to securing headliners and floor coverings. Velcro® brand One Wrap is used to keep loose wires and cables bundled safely together. The hook-and-loop fastening system is also a handy helper when it comes to aftermarket repairs, parts, and accessories. Sagging headliners, truck bed covers, or peeling door panels can quickly be repaired or secured with hook and loop. Continue reading →
  3. Other Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

    Other Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners
    Hook and loop fasteners are versatile enough to be used for pretty much anything and everything: camera bags, diapers, display panels at corporate trade shows and conventions -- the list is endless. Because of its ease of use, NASA has even used the fasteners on state-of-the-art astronaut suits. In fact, most individuals are likely unaware of how truly pervasive hook and loop is. Continue reading →
  4. Velcro® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners in Art

    Velcro® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners in Art
    Creative expression in art takes limitless forms, and the use of Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners can expand artistic applications in unique and innovative ways. Arts and crafts projects, for both children and adults, benefit from using Velcro® brand hook and loop material. A collage can be much more than a flat, two-dimensional work. Instead, it can extend into three dimensions by attaching different shaped items with hook and loop. Three-dimensional models, hand-decorated clothing, tote bags, purses, hair clips, holiday stockings and much more become singular expressions through using hook and loop material. Continue reading →

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