Industry Uses For Hook and Loop

  1. Launches Spanish Version of Website Launches Spanish Version of Website
    We are excited to announce the launch of our website in the Spanish language. To continue offering the best customer service for all of our customers, including Spanish-speaking users, has put together a new site that helps Spanish speakers find the products and services they need more easily. We always strive to look for ways to improve the user experience of our website, and we feel the Spanish version will create more opportunities to meet our customers’ needs. Continue reading →
  2. How the NFL Uses Velcro®

    How the NFL Uses Velcro®
    NFL gaming officials require players to wear protective equipment to keep them as safe as possible. Football gear has become a prominent part of the game. In fact, some types of equipment cover and protect almost every body part of a player. Modern-day innovations have made football gear more protective and easier to wear. Velcro® is one of these innovations. Continue reading →
  3. MOLLE Gear

    MOLLE Gear
    Tactical gear must be modular to function well in tense situations. Military units and police forces that have to swap out supplies and yet remain mobile often rely on standardized load-bearing equipment, like MOLLE system backpacks. While there are many alternatives to this scheme, its durability and universal nature makes it a clear choice for numerous organizations. Continue reading →
  4. Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry

    Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry
    In the medical field, where the pace can be frenetic, it is important to have equipment and supplies that are flexible, adjustable and conform to the easy-on, easy-off requirements of hospital emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. Straps, such as Velcro® brand Cable Ties or One Wrap, as well as peel-and-stick hook and loop meet all of these requirements and more. Continue reading →
  5. Hook and Loop in the Hospitality Industry

    Hook and Loop in the Hospitality Industry
    George de Mestral’s invention of the hook and loop fastening system stemmed from his fascination with a cockle bur, a tiny seed covered in prickly points that stuck to the fibers of hair, fur and fabric. The natural staying power of this organic item gave de Mestral the idea for the basic hook-and-loop technology that he developed into the Velcro® brand fasteners that we all know of today. Continue reading →
  6. Hook and Loop in Hollywood

    Hook and Loop in Hollywood
    Hook-and-loop fasteners have so many uses that they have even made their way into pop culture. Both in front of the camera and behind it, Hollywood uses hook-and-loop material in numerous ways throughout a production. Continue reading →

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