Hook and Loop Uses

  1. MOLLE Gear

    MOLLE Gear
    Tactical gear must be modular to function well in tense situations. Military units and police forces that have to swap out supplies and yet remain mobile often rely on standardized load-bearing equipment, like MOLLE system backpacks. While there are many alternatives to the MOLLE attachment system, its durability and universal nature makes it a clear choice for numerous organizations. Continue reading →
  2. Hook and Loop for Pets

    Hook and Loop for Pets
    As most owners can attest, pets are known for being unpredictable. With their inability to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, it can sometimes be more difficult to take care of a pet than a baby or small child. When it comes to managing some of this chaos, hook and loop fasteners can be a lifesaver. Continue reading →
  3. Business to Business Hook & Loop Solutions

    Business to Business Hook & Loop Solutions
    For every business transaction involving a retail customer or other end user, many more business-to-business, or B2B, sales occur behind the scenes along the supply chain. This includes everything from raw material suppliers to component makers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other typical players involved in bringing goods to market. In the case of hook and loop fasteners, B2B transactions are such a large segment of sales because the range of applications is so wide. Continue reading →
  4. Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry

    Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry
    In the medical field, where the pace can be frenetic, it is important to have equipment and supplies that are flexible, adjustable and conform to the easy-on, easy-off requirements of hospital emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. Straps, such as Velcro® brand Cable Ties or One Wrap, as well as peel-and-stick hook and loop meet all of these requirements and more. Continue reading →
  5. Hook and Loop in the Military

    Hook and Loop in the Military
    The adaptability and variety of hook and loop is perhaps most evident in its presence in the military industry. A fairly simple concept, hook-and-loop fasteners consist of two pieces. The hook, meaning the rough side, and the loop, or softer side, which is often referred to as "pile" by the military. When the two sides are joined together, the hooks attach to the loops, forming a strong bond that is used to fasten apparel, organize supplies and bundle military equipment and tools. Continue reading →
  6. Packaging and Handling with Hook and Loop

    Packaging and Handling with Hook and Loop
    The business of packaging and handling has been made easier through the use of hook and loop. DuraGripTM brand or Velcro® brand hook-and-loop fasteners come in such a wide variety of styles, sizes and strengths that there is practically no task they can’t accomplish. Continue reading →

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