Hook and Loop Uses

  1. Hook and Loop Used in Rowing

    Hook and Loop Used in Rowing
    When rowing, hook and loop is a vital part of an effective stroke and a pleasant day on the water. Let’s take a look at some of the most important and most common ways to best utilize hook and loop in your boathouse. Continue reading →
  2. Wide Loop Uses

    Wide Loop Uses
    We offer several sizes, colors and styles of wide loop products. Wide loop is the loop side of hook and loop fasteners, manufactured in wide sheets for a variety of uses. We’ll cover some common uses here, but first let’s look at the different wide loop options we offer. Continue reading →
  3. Hook And Loop Sander Discs

    Hook And Loop Sander Discs
    Sander discs are used on drum sanders. Many drum sanders and other large industrial sanders use sanding discs that are attached with a hook and loop fastener. This is so the sanding discs can be interchangeable and replaceable once the sandpaper or buffer or similar attachment wears out. Continue reading →
  4. Hook and Loop Customer Uses

    Hook and Loop Customer Uses
    With so many different hook and loop products available, we're always surprised by how many uses customers have for it! And with customizations like die cutting and custom strap manufacturing available, our customers have no shortage of applications. So we thought we should take a moment to share some of those with you. Continue reading →
  5. No Sew Party Costume Ideas

    No Sew Party Costume Ideas
    Hook and loop comes in handy for last minute costumes! Whether you're looking to fix your costume up, make adjustments to it, or make your entire costume out of it, hook and loop can help! You can get adhesive backed hook and loop to modify a costume or accessorize, or you can use iron on hook and loop to actually attach the hook and loop to your costume as a fastener. Beyond that, you can make costumes out of hook and loop itself. Continue reading →
  6. Hook And Loop Use On Gymnastics Mats

    Hook And Loop Use On Gymnastics Mats
    Hook and loop has its use in many sports from braces to padding and everywhere in between. In gymnastics, one of the most common uses for hook and loop is using it to lay out mats for tumbling or fastening rolls of padding. Continue reading →

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