Can you Cut to the Same Length Pieces?

Hook and loop is sold separately on 25 yard rolls, but we realize that no one uses it that way. Some people use smaller pieces, some use longer pieces, some use one side only, and some use the same sizes for both sides. This is why we offer our cut to length service for free. Yep, free. F-R-E-E.

Strip cutting machines cut hook and loop to length.

Strip Cutting

What is our cut to length service, you ask? Well, we take those 25 yard rolls and use a strip cutter to slice those down into usable sizes. This is done to order. So if you need fifty 8” pieces each of hook and loop, we can cut the rolls you order entirely into 8” pieces, or we can cut fifty 8” pieces and ship you that with the rest of the material on the roll. Or let’s say you need a hundred and fifty 2” pieces of hook, and three hundred 4” pieces of loop. With our strip cutting service, we can cut the hook and loop like that too.

Cut & Mate

We can also mate the hook and loop together. This is most useful for customers that use the adhesive backed hook and loop products. Instead of receiving two 25 yard rolls that you have to mate together and then cut to 2” strips, we will ship you a box of 2” mated sets that are already ready to use. Just peel off the release liner and stick it to your product. By pre-cutting mated hook and loop, we have saved countless customers hours of work with a pair of scissors and it’s all for free!

Die Cutting

We can also die cut the hook and loop for you. Custom dies can be ordered and usually take about a week to make. The cost is generally around $100.00, but prices can vary. Then there’s an additional charge to die cut the material. If you’re interested in having a custom die made, send us an email and let us know what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to quote you for our die cutting services!

So whether it’s the sew on hook and loop, the adhesive backed hook and loop, one side of each, or just one side, our cut to length service can save you a ton of hassle.


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