Business to Business Hook & Loop Solutions

For every business transaction involving a retail customer or other end user, many more business-to-business, or B2B, sales occur behind the scenes along the supply chain. This includes everything from raw material suppliers to component makers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other typical players involved in bringing goods to market. In the case of hook and loop fasteners, B2B transactions are such a large segment of sales because the range of applications is so wide.


Diverse Product Selection

Hook and loop is a simple idea but its potential applications are virtually unlimited. As distributors, can supply any business with the right solution for any product application with VELCRO® brand fasteners or DuraGrip® brand hook and loop products. This gives the customer flexibility and freedom to run with their imagination. As a manufacturer of custom straps, can design and manufacture virtually any strap for a wide variety of uses, in just the way the customer needs.

Product and Industry Versatility

A B2B environment is exciting because the process of finding the right specifications that will work for each given context and of seeing a well-designed and functional product get the fastening solutions it needs in order to succeed, is both challenging and fulfilling. As hook and loop distributors, this company has seen, over and over again, the incredible ability of one humble concept to revolutionize numerous manufactured goods.

Hook and Loop Reach

Customers have likely used and benefited from these products in many areas of life without even realizing it. That’s what happens with a simple, elegant design solution – it gets picked up and applied everywhere. Browse through any hardware store, technical apparel website, or medical and orthopedic supply catalog; you’ll see numerous clever and innovative products that depend on hook and loop fasteners to get the job done. Hook and loop technology got its big break with NASA in the 1960s and since that time, applications in the automotive, sports, medical and military industries have increased exponentially and revolutionized the way businesses solve their fastening needs.

The Customer Comes First

B2B sales account for a majority of the transactions that happen on a daily basis all around the world. At, our goal is to excel at listening to our customers and at bringing our knowledge and experience into the mix. We pride ourselves on being a true partner with your business in your effort to get exactly the solution you need for every application. Sometimes, the solution is one you never imagined was possible.

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