Best Ways to Hang Up Wide Loop

Wide loop products, like this VELCRO® Brand wide loop, are fantastic for display panels, pedal boards, shadow boxes, and tons of other useful applications. But what do you do with it once you receive it? Well just as there are several options of wide loop, there are several ways of hanging fabrics like your wide loop.

Wide Loop 3001


The wide loop does not come with any sort of adhesive backing, but you can apply an adhesive to it. Most any adhesive will work, but we recommend an aerosol or spray-on adhesive like the 3M Super 77 adhesive. You can also use a contact cement for best results. These adhesives should work well on most surfaces too including plastic, metal and wood.

Metal Fasteners

You can also hang up your wide loop with any kind of metal fastener such as nails, screws, rivets, staples, etc. These will work well on wood or hard plastic surfaces and you don’t have to worry about temperature or moisture affecting your adhesive with this method.

Other Items to Use With Wide Loop

Once you’ve hung up your wide loop, you’ll need some of the hook side to fasten things to it. Sometimes whatever you were planning to hang up on the loop already has the hook side on it, for instance morale patches, merit badges, and other honorary insignia. But other times, you will need to hang up something that doesn’t have the hook side like laminated cards, ID labels, seating charts among others.

One easy solution is hook and loop coins. These are circles with adhesive backing that you can stick to the item you want to hang up and then you’re all set. They are available in sizes from ½” up to 1 7/8”. You can also order a roll of adhesive backed hook and we will cut it to length for you for free. Say you order a roll of 1” hook and want it cut to 1” x 1” squares. We would ship you the cut pieces bulk in a bag inside the box, ready to use. You just peel the release liner and stick it to whatever you want to hang up!

No matter where you want to hang it, wide loop is a good solution for a ton of applications and is always available from