Stephen Ira

Stephen Ira worked as an inventor for a small manufacturing company where he developed several patents that included Velcro® brand products which led to his founding of in 1989, distributing Velcro® brand fasteners across the country. Stephen’s company has grown into a business that specializes in manufacturing hook and loop products that are used in the final products in many industries around the world. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a BS degree in mechanical engineering and specialized in machine design and solar engineering. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he enjoys an avid outdoor lifestyle and spending time with his two daughters.

  1. South Dakota vs. Wayfair Sales Tax Implications

    South Dakota vs. Wayfair Sales Tax Implications
    In June of 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that states can mandate businesses to collect and remit sales tax on transactions within that state, regardless of whether the business has a physical presence in that state. Since that decision, states have been working to set nexuses (thresholds based on sales and/or transactions) at which point businesses will be required to collect tax on the state's behalf. Continue reading →
  2. Hook And Loop Use On Gymnastics Mats

    Hook And Loop Use On Gymnastics Mats
    Hook and loop has its use in many sports from braces to padding and everywhere in between. In gymnastics, one of the most common uses for hook and loop is using it to lay out mats for tumbling or fastening rolls of padding. Continue reading →
  3. Industrial Strength Hook and Loop

    Industrial Strength Hook and Loop
    Industrial strength hook and loop can refer to a few things. One, it refers to material used in industrial applications. The standard hook and loop we sell is used in industrial applications everyday. The main factor in determining material strength is the width and quantity of hook and loop being used. A four inch square of hook and loop is going to be 16x stronger than a one inch square. Continue reading →
  4. How Much Does Die Cutting Cost?

    How Much Does Die Cutting Cost?
    In addition to all of the customizations we offer, we also offer die cutting services. We use a clicker press to die cut hook and loop to specific shapes to be used for various applications. Continue reading →
  5. We're Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary!

    We're Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary! has been in business for 30 years! This month we’re celebrating our 30 year anniversary with a free shipping offer! Just use coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout to receive free shipping on your order (must be within continental US, does not include expedited shipping, offer valid through the end of September). What started in a small office space with a handful of employees has grown into the large company we have today, converting hook and loop by cutting, sewing, welding, and die-cutting material for uses in dozens of industries from schools and government agencies to plastics manufacturers and medical supply companies. Continue reading →
  6. Which Adhesive Should I Use For My Hook And Loop?

    Which Adhesive Should I Use For My Hook And Loop?
    We offer two types of adhesive backing for all of our peel and stick hook and loop products. There's a rubber based adhesive and an acrylic based adhesive. These are pressure sensitive adhesives, or PSAs, meaning that you simply have to apply pressure to the adhesive to stick it to the substrate (the material the adhesive is being stuck to). Each adhesive has it's own pros and cons but much of the adhesive's efficacy comes from ensuring a proper bond to the substrate. So we'll cover some various questions we often have to run through when recommending adhesives to our customers. Continue reading →
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