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Stephen Ira worked as an inventor for a small manufacturing company where he developed several patents that included Velcro® brand products which led to his founding of in 1989, distributing Velcro® brand fasteners across the country. Stephen’s company has grown into a business that specializes in manufacturing hook and loop products that are used in the final products in many industries around the world. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a BS degree in mechanical engineering and specialized in machine design and solar engineering. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he enjoys an avid outdoor lifestyle and spending time with his two daughters.

  1. Hook and Loop Used in Rowing

    Hook and Loop Used in Rowing
    When rowing, hook and loop is a vital part of an effective stroke and a pleasant day on the water. Let’s take a look at some of the most important and most common ways to best utilize hook and loop in your boathouse. Continue reading →
  2. Securing Couch Cushions with Hook and Loop

    Securing Couch Cushions with Hook and Loop
    Do you ever have issues keeping your couch cushions on your couch? Or maybe your patio chairs have a similar issue? Well one solution is to use hook and loop to secure your cushions to your furniture. We sell 6” wide black hook and loop that you can use to fasten your cushions to the base of your couch or chair. Continue reading →
  3. Embroidery on Webbing

    Embroidery on Webbing
    Embroidery is a process of stitching a design or decoration into a material. We offer this capability on our webbing because the hook and loop does not allow for ease of function when embroidered. Stitching on hook and loop limits its usefulness. We often sew hook and loop, but that is done to provide a strong hold or reinforce the material. The stitching in those instances is done on the outer portions of the hook and loop, mostly in the selvage edge where no hook or loop is located. Continue reading →
  4. Difference Between Regal and Premier Display Loop

    Difference Between Regal and Premier Display Loop
    There are lots of wide loop options available at We carry VELCRO® Brand Woven Loop 3001 and Knit Loop 3610 which have similar uses but are limited in color options. Another wide loop we carry is our DuraGrip Brand Display Loop. This is a thicker loop material available in two styles and in several colors. Continue reading →
  5. COVID-19 Face Shields

    COVID-19 Face Shields
    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm, has been uniquely positioned to supply companies with large quantities of hook and loop material with incredible efficiency. Through our efforts, and the efforts of our customers and suppliers, we've been able to supply wholesale straps for the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of face shields and other PPE. Continue reading →
  6. Cleaning Hook

    Cleaning Hook
    Since the hook side is the rough scratchy side that sticks to everything, we get questions about how to clean it. It often gets debris in it if it isn't fastened during washing so we thought it would be useful to go over different ways to clean it out to use again! There are a few points to go over so let's get started. Continue reading →

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