Hook and Loop DIY

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    No Sew Hook and Loop Projects

    Sewing is not for everyone. Fortunately, hook and loop fasteners, combined with other common craft items, eliminates the need for sewing while allowing you to achieve impressive project results. With some inspiration, patience and the right materials, you can enjoy a variety of craft projects and no one will know that you did not sew a stitch.

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    5 Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Kids With Velcro® Brand Fasteners

    Clothing, sports equipment, home improvement—hook and loop fasteners show up in many applications. Even many toys and games feature hook and loop fastenings. Sometimes known better by brand names such as Velcro® or DuraGrip®, hook and loop fasteners come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, colors, and strengths. It even supplies the basis for a hilarious carnival game where participants don suits made with Velcro® brand fasteners and then run and jump on a springboard, launching themselves to affix their bodies as high as possible on a wall made of Velcro® Brand wide loop.

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    Hit the Road in Style with Velcro® Brand Fasteners

    Velcro® brand hook and loop makes life on the road easier. If you travel in a camper or an RV, you'll want to take along some strong, cost-effective Velcro® brand fasteners. Just consider a few of the useful tasks these products accomplish during a road trip:

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    5 reasons to Always Have Hook and Loop on Hand

    Hook and loop is a very versatile product that can be very useful around the house and in everyday life. Here are 5 reasons why you should make sure you keep VELCRO® Brand fasteners on hand.

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  5. 5 Top YouTube Channels That Showcase Hook and Loop

    There is really something to be said about YouTube. Here are the top YouTube Channels that showcase hook and loop at its best.

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    Securing Couch Cushions with Hook and Loop

    Do you ever have issues keeping your couch cushions on your couch? Or maybe your patio chairs have a similar issue? Well one solution is to use hook and loop to secure your cushions to your furniture. We sell 6” wide black hook and loop that you can use to fasten your cushions to the base of your couch or chair.

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