VELCRO® Brand - 1/2" White Hook: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Acrylic

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A textile coloring company uses this item in production for their color work-ups and in handling their large array of swatches. The 1/2” White Velcro Hook tape is cut and mated to 3/8”, together with the 1/2” White Loop. This provides the customer with very small pieces to adhere their swatches for display. The small width, along with utilizing our cutting services, allows this customer to receive their hook and loop already set up for production runs, which makes their process less labor intensive, saving them money in the end. The adhesive is strong enough to stay in place despite its small surface area.

Hook and Loop are sold separately - be sure to order BOTH sides if needed.
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The Acrylic Adhesive works best on substrates such as: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Painted Metal, Glass, and Rigid Plastics. Ideal for Automotive or Marine applications. Surface must be cleaned, preferably with a solvent, and dry before bonding. For best results, bonding is recommended at room temperature, 60 F to 75 F Applications: Industrial sectors
    This Adhesive has:
    • Moderate Tack
    • Medium Setting
    • Achieves full bond strength in 24 hours
    • Operating Temperature Range: -20 degree F to 225 degree F
      • Material:
        • Closure Shear Strength: 14.0 psi
        • Width: 1"
        • Color: Black
        • Closure Shear Strength: 14.0 psi
        • Closure Peel Strength: 1.2 psi
        • Closure Tension Strength: 6.5 psi
        • More Information
          Part Number 195472
          Color White
          Adhesive Acrylic
          Brand VELCRO®
          Sold In Quantity Sold On 25 Yard Rolls (900 Inches)
          Hook or Loop? Hook
          Color White
          Width 1/2"
          Product Type Adhesive Backed
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